Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 26, 2016

This week was wonderful! We didn't have much time to knock on doors and look for people because all of our days were packed with lessons! This week we decided to focus on the 20 people we have that are investigating. All of them are at different stages. Once we decided to concentrate on these 20 people the members gave us a contact at almost every lunch this week! It is wonderful because we are starting to work more with the members!!!

Now that it is officially spring here the amora trees are starting to ripen. It is a fruit tree that has little berries similar to blackberries! As we walked from one lesson to another we found a lot of trees! So now when we are hungry we know where to find free food! One day we carried a little container and filled it up with berries! 

One day we went to teach a family the plan of Salvation! It was a super great lesson and the spirit was really strong. The family who has two boys (11 and 1) and one girl (7) The lesson went really well and the kids had lots of questions! And we used our little cut out plan of salvation and they loved it! The boy said "your Portugues has improved since last week!" Then, when the 7 year old offered to say the closing prayer, in her prayer she said "thank you that the sisters have not given up on us, because we haven't gone to church yet." It was the sweetest thing! 

One day we went to lunch and there was another couple there. The members always say ``Eat more Sisters!`` and usually I do. That day I was the only one who ended up getting more food and the guy said ``we will only invite Sister Hancock to lunch at our house because she is the only one who knows how to eat!

This week was great! General Conference is this weekend! Take the time to prepare to listen to the words of the prophets and apostles!!! Think of questions you want answered! I know that as you listen to conference your questions will get answered and you will get guidance you need to face the challenges of life! I will get to watch it in Portugues so I might not catch everything... But I can´t wait!!!

All is well for me here! I love your emails and thank you for your support!

Love you all!
-Sister Hancock

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