Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 10, 2016 Sick... :(

This past week was sadly pretty uneventful because I was sick from about Tuesday night-Saturday!

On Monday our district leader bought us PIZZA!!! Our District this transfer is just the 4 of us sisters and 2 Elders. It was seriously the best pizza I have ever had in my life! 

Tuesday we taught lots and lots of people! 

Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning and we went a little bit early and made buruacas, a banana milkshake and brought a cake that we made, because the Elders had bought us Pizza. 

One Elder said, "All the pictures I have of our district we are always surrounded by lots of food."

Since I was sick this week we had to stay in our house for a few days. I was able to catch up on lots of sleeps, general conference (which I downloaded in English), and scripture study, but it wasn't super fun to stay inside all day! 

On Friday we finally left the house and taught 6 people. On Saturday we had to stay in our house again and then on Sunday I was completely back to normal! 

I had some time this week to watch some of General Conference again. I really loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk in Women´s conference!
Faith is powerful, but no matter how much faith we have it can't violate another persons agency or we can't force our will on God. We don´t always know why things happen or why certain prayers go unanswered, but in the end ALL things will make sense. Trust that God loves you perfectly. I know that God loves all of us and "all things will work together for those who love God." 

Love y"all! Thanks for the emails and support! 

-Sister Hancock
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