Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 19, 2016

This week was great! We got to meet with President Hart twice this week!!! On Tuesday we had a meeting with him and all of the 12 trainers/trainees. President is trying to introduce the training program that all missions are supposed to use because the president before him didn't use it. So basically nobody in the mission actually knows how to train or be trained. He is using us as his guinea pigs to help him figure out how to use the program because we are his first group.
We have been teaching Sister Sousa random phrases in English. On Tuesday she told President the two phrases she knows "you are not the boss of me" and "you are so cute." He laughed and said ``when I said every missionary should learn English on their mission I meant more about the gospel!``  
On Sunday night he invited the 4 of us sisters and 2 Elders to his house to help him more about the 12 weeks training and what we did in the CTM, because he has a group of 16 missionaries coming on Tuesday! We helped him and then got to eat ice cream with him and his family! President said that when Sister Sousa said that he wasn't the boss he almost sent her home to show her who is boss (100% joking). Then he told her to tell all the phrases she knows to Sister Hart. She said she learned a phrase about the Gospel! "Do you want to be my plan of salvation?"

Other highlights from this week:
-One of the days it looked like it was going to rain and then as we were walking to our house to get umbrellas it just starting pouring. `CORRE SISTER!``. We ran to our house but we got soaking wet. 
-Every night we read the scriptures together. One night we read with the other 2 sisters that live in our house. I read in Portugues, S. Ferreira read in English, S. Sousa read in Spanish and S. Pereira read in French. We took turns each reading a verse and it was really cool! 
-Sister Pereira´s Birthday was on Friday. All week we had been saying how her birthday was on Friday and then when her birthday came we all pretended to forget and then threw a surprise party for her that night! We made a cake and couscous and blew up balloons! 

-On Saturday we started to teach an English class for anyone that wants to learn. One girl learned to say "don't ask me," and then she said that whenever we asked her a question. 

-I have already finished one transfer! The 4 of us are staying in this area for at least the next 6 weeks because we are still being trained. 

I love you all! I know that this church is true and that God loves and knows each one of us more than we can comprehend! 

-Sister Hancock

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