Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 13, 2017

I am loving being here in Pinhais, Brasil. I am meeting so many amazing people and learning so much! 

Outside our apartment

We have a new mission schedule which is wonderful and gives us a little more flexibility! We wake up at 7:30, exercise, get ready, plan, personal study and then from 11 am - 10 pm we have an hour of lunch, then choose when to have 1 hour of companion study, 30 mins of language study and then the rest of the time we spend teaching lessons and finding people. 

Baptism of Jose do Espirito Santo!
He is so incredible! He said that he will help bring more people to church because he wants everyone to know about the church and how it can help our lives become better! 

Sister Hulme and I have been spending a lot of time knocking doors and are having lots of great, interesting and quite amusing experiences!  

One time we were talking with a lady and she asked where we were from. For some reason my mind went blank and my companion wasn't responding so I ended up saying ``Uhhhhmarrica...`` Then the lady with a confused look asked ``Ahh are you guys speaking brasileiro well?`` and I said ``Yes, I just forgot how to say America or Estados Unidos for a second.``

Another time we were talking with a women and asking if we could return and give a message. She said yes and so I asked ``Voce tem um dia que é bom para voce?`` (Do you have a day that is good for you?) and she said ``Obrigada! Voces tambem!`` (Thanks! You too!). She thought that I was saying that I hope she has a great day, and we didn't know how to respond to that, so we just ended up saying see you later and walking away. 

Another time a woman tried to slam the door on us but the door got stuck on the ground about half way... So that didn't work very well for her.

Mission Conference 

It is a great life!

``If we knew that God already had at least one person prepared to receive the gospel because of our efforts we would have more faith!!!``

I know that God is preparing people to learn about the Gospel and we can each share the gospel with everyone! We can pray for the desire to share the gospel and be good examples for everyone around us! There are people all around us who are searching but don´t know where to find it!