Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 3, 2016 General Conference

This week was wonderful! It really is such a blessing to teach and serve the people here in Brazil Curitiba.

One day we were at lunch and the member told us to eat more, like they always do, and so I got up and got more food. Then I sat down and was eating and the lady came over and dumped a huge piece of chicken on my plate! I was already full and I had already gotten seconds. I was the only one that she gave more food to and I had to eat super fast so that I wasn't still eating 10 minutes after everyone else was done. 

On Thursday a sister got a call and the Elder said that Elder Holland would be coming tomorrow. Obviously he was joking because General Conference was this weekend but Sister Ferreira got excited and said "I need to dye my hair," and then Sister Pereira said, "I need to repent." The contrast between these two priorities was really funny! We didn't have a conference with Elder Holland, but on Friday we did have a conference with President Hart. 

During the conference we talked a lot about the training program and how we can be better missionaries! As missionaries we need to work with all of our heart, might, mind and strength! A great missionary gives their heart completely to go through hard, diligent work and then God will return blessings of spiritual power and strength. 

One evening we were walking home and I said "Vamos fazer buracos!" instead of  "vamos fazer buruacas," So I accidentally said LETS MAKE HOLES!!! instead of pancakes! 

For conference weekend we brought 2 investigators. One of them came on Saturday afternoon and the other came to the other three! The investigator that came to Saturday morning really enjoyed it. He came on his own to both of the Sunday sessions. We talked to him after the Sunday sessions and asked him about it. He said that he has never enjoyed going to church, but for some reason he really likes coming to the LDS church. He said he has always been anxious, but when he comes to church and when we are at his house teaching him he feels calm and peaceful! It is incredible to see him changing his life and his true desire to feast upon the word of God. 

Conference this weekend was wonderful! We watched all of the sessions in Portugues at the stake center, but I was able to understand almost everything. On Sunday the four of us wore our coral dresses that a lady in another ward made for us. A lot of people asked us if we were going to be singing in the choir today. One person asked if this was our new uniform. It was really funny to see everyone's reaction of the 4 of us walking around in the same style dress. Normally every Sunday we color coordinate but this Sunday it was the exact same dress.  

I loved all of the talks and one the really stood out to me was Elder Bednar. 

How can we better come to know the Savior? We must exercise faith, followH im, serve Him and believe in Him. Can you follow Him and have faith in Him but not believe in Him and His promises? Some people think that the blessings of the Atonement only apply to others, But the amazing thing is that the blessings are for every single person! He is talking about YOU! Believe in Him and in His promises. Believe that we can be made clean and pure through the Atonement. Believe that we can overcome literally every challenge in life. If we put our trust in the Savior, He will lift us up and strengthen us through our trials. We will have more peace and more joy in life. I know that Jesus Christ died for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! I know that He was resurrected and He lives. Because He lives we can be cleansed from sin and live with Him and our Heavenly Father again. He sacrificed for you.
Eu sei que Jesus Cristo nos ama e que ele é o Salvador e Redentor do mundo. Eu sei que a Expiação aplica a todos nos. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e nos precisamos ter fé nele e acreditar com todo poder, mente, forca e coração.  

I love y'all! Have a wonderful week! 
-Sister Hancock

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