Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 29, 2016 A lot of miracles!

I witnessed a lot of miracles this past week! 

One day we were walking around knocking doors and we passed a lady on a bike who we found out was a member. We asked her if any of her neighbors would want to hear more about the gospel. She said no, and right then one of her neighbors walked by and she asked if the neighbor wanted to hear a message from the missionaries! She accepted and so we walked with her to her house and shared the message of the restoration of the gospel. 

On Saturday we had THREE baptisms! Wesley, Brian, and Rubens.

Wesley (9), Lives with his grandma, Eliane, who recently decided to come back to the church after many years. They live in a house with other family members who are all members. We have been teaching Eliane and Wesley together and they are great! 

Brian (14), has an Aunt and Uncle in another ward. He has been going to church, mutual and reading the Livro de Mormon. He was really ready to get baptized but his Dad was not sure if he wanted Brian to be baptized. Last Sunday it was pouring rain and Brian still got up and came to church. His Dad´s heart was softened when he saw Brian´s dedication and that he really wanted this. When it rains at least a quarter of the members don´t come to church.

Rubens (22), the nephew of the bishop. He has a strong spirit and testimony and was really ready to get baptized. 

We met a woman named Edith this week and she came to church with us. When we taught Edith we were getting to know her and she was saying that she had been out of a job and looking for quite a while. We taught her about the Sabbath Day and putting God first in her life. We were talking about putting God in first place and that if she did God would bless her and He would help her find a job. She recognized that she needed to do this and she accepted the invite to come to church with us. On Sunday when we picked her she told us that the day that we visited her she got a phone call from a friend who said there was a job opening at her work. She told us that when she got the call she had been thinking about the things we had said. It was truly a miracle! 

P-Day :)   

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