Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 22, 2016 Rain Everywhere... but keep a smile and continue trying!

This week it has rained almost everyday! I love the rain but it makes it hard to find and talk to people. 

Some highlights from this week:

-On Monday I got a second birthday cake! A member brought a cake over to our apartment on Monday night and someone came in my room where I was studying and they asked me to help them carry some stuff so I walked out into the living room and then they all started singing to me! 

-I finally bought cereal! Also I am getting used to the boxed milk :P I was having serious saudades (missing) for cereal, although I am still keeping my new years resolution of only eating cereal once a day. 

-One day it poured all day long. We did lots of walking, through lots of puddles, lots of annoying dogs, lots of nice denials, a few not so nice denials, etc. Each day is a trial of whether or not we will retain good spirits, keep a smile and continue trying! 

-I live in an apartment with my companion and two other sisters. We always help each other set up when the other group has a baptism. So we went to the church to help them set up and there was about a foot of dirty water in the font and it wasn´t draining. We later found out it was rain water that had leaked in. Anyway, we scooped all the water into big buckets and then dumped them out. It was my job to carry and then dump out all the buckets. We filled about 20-30 buckets with water! One sister said ``welcome to the mission.`` #thebaptismmustgoon

-Each day I understand Portuguese a little bit more. Line upon line I will learn to speak and understand this language!

It is not a bad thing to struggle. The greater the struggle the greater amount that our faith will grow. God gives us trials to be like a refiner's fire that will purify our hearts. When our hearts are focused on ourselves we will only get the benefits we were looking for. For example, if we serve only for ourselves we will get the glorification but that is all. If we serve with our hearts pointed toward the Savior, so much greater will the blessing be. ``Do you love the Savior enough to struggle?``

Amo vocês! 

-Sister Hancock

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