Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 22. 2016 - We got to go Proselytizing!

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Ola Familia e Amigos!

The weeks are getting better and better. Seriously though, this last week has been the best so far. On last Saturday we got to go out onto a huge main street in Sao Paulo for about 2 hours in the morning and go PROSELYTIZING!!! We got to talk to REAL people that live in Sao Paulo. They gave us each 5 Livro de Mormons and then they let us out on the streets. The first few times talking to people was a little intimidating but after that it was a blast!!! I had literally been speaking Portuguese for 2 weeks and yet I was out on the street talking to people and I could mostly understand them and they could understand me!!! Sister Gimm and I gave out all 10 books we had in about 40 minutes then we walked around and then found our Brazilian roommates who still had some books and told us to `help´ them. Some of the people we talked to were really interested and the other people that didn't end up taking a book were still really, really nice. I love Brazilians!!!

Another one of my favorite activities is Divisaos (splits), My companion and I join together with another Brazilian missionary named Sister Boldrin and then we teach a lesson to a pair of 'investigator` missionaries and then we become the investigators for another set of missionaries. We have divisaos every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday!

Sundays are also the best! Our normal Sunday schedule is breakfast, personal study (where we prepare a talk because we may or may not get called on to speak), then Sacrament meeting, district meeting, relief society, 1 hour break (AKA nap time!), lunch, gospel doctrine, movie time, 2nd 1 hour break (AKA 2nd nap time), dinner, choir practice, devotional, daily planning, lanche (Snack) and then BED. 

Other days of the week are pretty similar, we have slightly different activities each day but usually we ... Wake up, eat breakfast, personal study, teach an investigator, grammar class, practice teaching class, lunch, another grammar study class, more how to teach/study the scriptures/planning/etc, teaching our 2nd investigator and then dinner, actividades fisica (exercise), language study, planning and then bed time!

On Tuesday our two Brazilian roommates left for their missions because they only stay at the CTM for 3 weeks if it is their native language. It was super sad to see them leave! They are so kind, helpful, and fun!!!


We also have an activity called TRC, which is teaching members. We have 30 minutes of time to fill up and usually we have zero minutes to prepare. I usually dread TRC and on Thursday I was really not looking forward to it... But we went and we taught about receiving revelation through prayer. It was a really cool, spiritual and powerful lesson. After talking with her for a little bit we asked her if she had any specific experience with receiving an answer through prayer. After telling us she asked us if we had any experiences. I didn't have anything prepared but I was able to say what I wanted to IN PORTUGUESE!!! I basically talked about how I have been a little sick for the past 2 weeks and sometimes it is really difficult for me. But, after praying one night I realized I needed to have more faith in myself and more faith in Jesus Christ. Because, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible through the help of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. I felt super peaceful and I know that he is looking our for me and everything will work out. 

I know that Jesus Christ knows each and every one of you, and through him and his Atonement everything is possible. I know that he loves you and is looking our for you every second. 
Moroni 10:4-5

I love you all! 

-Sister Hancock

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