Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 7. 2016 Trainer and New Companion

On Monday we found out that Sister Ferreira and Sister Sousa were getting transferred and the Sister Pereira and I would be staying in Autodromo! On Tuesday morning we found out that Sister Ferreia, Sister Pereira and I were going to each be training a new missionary!

The rest of Tuesday we went and met with a lot of people that Sister Ferreira wanted to say goodbye to. Then on Tuesday night, our last night all together we didn't have any electricity or lights! We were without lights/electricity/hot water for about 4 days this week! 

On Wednesday we had a meeting with the new trainers and then in the afternoon met our new companions!!! 

My new companion is Sister Muniz! She looks like an American, but she is from Brazil Campinas. She is waiting for her VISA to go to her actual mission in Florida! She will probably be here in Curitiba as my companion for about one or two months! She doesn't speak much English but she will teach me Portugues and I will teach her English!

This week we visited all of the 15 investigators that I had at the end with Sister Ferreira and then spent a lot of time walking, knocking doors, talking to people on the streets and teaching people. 

One day we taught a lesson and the guy had TEN golden retrievers!!!! As we were walking out they all followed me and were jumping up on me. I asked the guy if I could take all of them home with me but he said that I couldn't... haha. 

On Sunday we were in Sacrament meeting and sitting at the front. A member came up and said there was a man at the back of the chapel that didn't know anything about the church. We rushed back to sit and talk with him. He told us that the night before he had a dream that there were two girls that were missionaries and they invited him to something but before he saw where it was he woke up. The next morning he left his house to go for a walk, not knowing where he was going. He walked by the church and for some reason felt like he should enter. He walked in and sat at the back feeling a little sad and confused. At that moment we walked over and sat on either side of him. He started to cry and a little later said that when we sat next to him he felt that there were two angels sitting next to him and he felt comforted. 

I love being a missionary! I have learned sooo much this past week! Each day as I teach and testify more and more, the more I realize that this truly is the one true church on the earth. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and our ability to be changed and become closer to Christ. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he can help us with any challenge or weakness that we have!!!

I love y'all! Have an incredible week!
-Sister Hancock

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