Saturday, November 12, 2016

October 31, 2016

Note from Emily's Mom - Sorry no pictures. Emily sent them in a different format, and I could not access them. We will work on that.

This week was pretty great! It will probably be the last week that the four of us will be together because we have transfers on Tuesday or Wednesday! We still don´t know what will be happening with transfers so I will update y'all next week! 

On our P-day last week I ate sushi for the first time!!!

Then after we ate lots and lots and lots of sushi we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day!

On Thursday we had a conference with an area 70, Elder Aidukaitis! It was wonderful!!!! The spirit was so strong and we learned a lot. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it is the word of God. The Book of Mormon is either of God or it is of the Devil, it can't be in between. If you read the Book of Mormon and ask yourself about each verse... Does this bring me closer to God? The answer is always yes. All of the chapters testify of our Savior Jesus Christ and the Love and Power of God for his children here on the earth. 

After the conference about 5 missionaries had the chance to talk to Elder Aidukaitis! I got the chance to talk to him one on one for about 8 minutes. He asked me about my mission and how everything is going. I know that he is a representative of Jesus Christ and is called of God. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is true and that God calls Prophets and Apostles today. 

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